Hung Up on the Redwalls

8 Nov

The Redwalls are an alternative/indie band hailing from Deerfield, Illinois who site The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones as major influences.


The Redwalls capture the sound and look of 60's rock bands

Look familiar Sir Paul McCartney?

Don't be angry, Paul!

Though the band does wear it’s love for 60’s rock on it’s musical sleeve, it is what makes the Redwalls retro rock sincere.

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The drums come slowly crashing in, before the harmonies of the chorus kicks into full swing, gloriously opening the track.

When lead singer Logan Barren’s voice rings through the air, you would swear John Lennon’s ghost was reaching out from the grave. The unmistakable sharp voice which cuts through the smooth, harmonious chorus sounds as if it could be from an unreleased Lennon song on a Beatles album.

 There’s even a guitar solo midway through the song that would make George Harrison proud.

Perfectly executed, with lyrics that strike the heart, a slow and steady driving beat which rises and falls, and pitch perfect vocals that recall a time well past, “Hung up on the way I’m feeling” demonstrates the rare ability of making one think this is a new twist on a retro single.

After one hearing you will become “hung up” on this delightfully seemingly nostalgic walk down memory lane

Discography: Universal Blues (2003) De Nova (2005) The Redwalls (2007)



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