Take a Musical Vacation

13 Nov


Two seconds into the song, The Young Veins want you to know that they want to take a vacation. And after listening to this jangly, sunnyside-up song, you will want to as well.

Lead singer Ryan Ross, ex singer/guitarist from Panic at the Disco, paints a picture of the perfect getaway, where one can “leave the cold where we came from/ Our loneliness will keep us warm”

The ideal vacation is not just a week jaunt to someplace “very far.”

It’s a lifestyle.

Ross cheerfully chimes “Leave the past out to pasture,/And take the days as they come/Leave the sand in a suitcase /So we don’t forget the fun.”

 In other words breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative.

With hand claps sprinkled throughout, groovy harmonies and summer vibes, “Take a Vacation” is the new “Surfin U.S.A,” “I Get Around,” or any other early Beach Boys song.

“Take a Vacation” illustrates the simplicity and fun that the Beach Boys excelled in conveying.

It’s the kind of California branded pop that makes you want to ride the waves even if you don’t know how to surf.And with an accompanying lively music video, “Take a Vacation” is the perfect packaging of musical escapism at its finest.

Discography: Take a Vacation (2010)

Website: http://www.theyoungveins.com


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