Jack and White are Alright

20 Nov

American Idol season seven alumni Brooke White has teamed up with singer/songwriter Jack Matranga for the duo’s first project Gemini.

The self titled track delivers deep emotional lyrics, effortless vocals, and simple instrumentation that makes you dig deep inside yourself.

“Been walking a fine line/between darkness and sunshine/separate but intertwined/I’m fixed but I’m broken/guarded but open/founded in foolish pride.”

White who is known for her sunny, upbeat personality lays her heart and soul down on this track, exposing the rawness underneath her bubbly appearance.

The song unmistakably has a 1970’s feel, with White’s vocal harmonies soothing the ears. It’s earthy and real, and could easily find a home right in between the classic Fleetwood Mac tracks “The Chain” and “Little Lies”

Playing on the astrological sign of Gemini (the twins) Jack and White further elaborate on the double sided “troubled mind” associated with Gemini’s.

“I smile and I cry like a Gemini.”

Whatever your sign, “Gemini” is alright

Discography: Gemini (2010)

Official Website: http://www.jackandwhite.com


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