Fall in Love with A B & the Sea

26 Nov

A B & the Sea shed their usual upbeat California style pop in “Setting Moon” for an introspective crooner ballad that has the authenticity of the 50’s doo wop era of music.

Like other classic ballad’s from the 50’s, such as The Penguins “Earth Angel” and The Five Satins “In the Still of the Night”, A B & the Sea delivers a love song that stands on par with these gems from the past.

Lead singer Koley O’Brien’s strong voice carries the tune, his falsetto showcasing his dynamicity which helps to deliver the core message of “Setting Moon”

“But we all fall in love/ cause we’re already waves/ that fade away in the setting moon”

In essence, we live, love, and die like everyone else on Earth.

Towards the end of the track a somber verse indicates that time has passed, and that we cannot stay young forever.

“As the world spinning faster we fall to disaster /somewhere, somehow/your breathing gets slower/your children grow older/somewhere somehow/ but they all fell in love/ in the shadow of the setting moon.

In an era where it seems as if all songs on pop radio talk about partying hard, it’s refreshing to see a group tackle a universal theme that one way or another the party generation will have to grow up and face.

Discograph: Girls and Boys (2009), Run,Run,Run (2011).

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/abthesea



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