Don’t Miss Eliza Doolittle

3 Dec

Many artists sample bits and pieces from other songs into their own tracks, but on “Missing” British songstress Eliza Sophie Caird, better known as Eliza Doolittle, goes one step further.

She turns the sample into an entire song.

The track’s fourteen opening seconds quietly play the 1950’s song “Come Softly to me” by The Fleetwoods.

Suddenly Doolittle’s pop, british perky voice cuts through with a refreshing energy, carrying on the simple melody of The Fleetwoods hit tune.

Doolittle’s voice commands, in a song all about getting noticed.

“Nobody notices at all/If I stood on a chair I’d be taller”

As the chorus kicks in, Doolittle accompanies the backing track of “Come Softly to me” both fitting together like a gloved hand.

Because I’m missing/ how you found me/
If anybody has a key to spare a little dream for me /I’ll let it be/
That you find me, find me, finally found me .

Unlike other British artists, Doolittle’s cockneyed accent is clear and present, adding a colorful sound to the tune which matches Doolittle’s colorful personality.

She expresses this in her unique vocal modern-yet-retro style, along with her sassy lyrics

“When you see me in your favorite spot/Just remember I could give you a lot”

As the song ends, Doolittle’s voice cuts out, the Fleetwoods track signing us off.

An infectious tune that after one hearing you’ll be humming for days, “Missing” is 3:40 minutes of pure pop bliss.

Discography: Eliza Doolittle (2010)

Official Website:


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