Don’t Kiss The Pierces Goodbye

7 Dec

With a slow, almost mystic trance sisters Alison and Katherine Pierce, better known as The Pierces, dish out seduction, revenge, and naughtiness the only way they know how.

In song.

The odd mixture of lust and wickedness is stamped all over “Kissing You Goodbye”

Alison takes the helm on this track, providing the heavy vocal lifting, while Catherine joins in on the choruses and harmonies.

The 60’s psychedelic vibe, hypnotizes listeners as the instrumentation perfectly melds with the smoky vocals and sexually mischievous lyrics

“Young love waits out the window and I said go home,/Cause he don’t know it’s not his problem /And he don’t know I’m not at home/Clock strikes three in the morning and I lie sleepless, /Cause he don’t know I broke my promise /And he don’t know I’ve done this”

It is easy to compare the sisters to 60’s icon Nancy Sinatra, in particular her hit song “Bang Bang” which oozes danger and love.

With the perfect mix of sin and sensuality, with a retro twist, “Kissing You Goodbye” is one song you don’t want to kiss goodbye.

Discography: The Pierces (2000), Light of the Moon (2005), 13 Tales of Love and Revenge (2007), You and I (2011).




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