Lindi Ortega is On Fire

5 Jan

Nowadays, at the mention of the name Dolly Parton, one often conjures up a caricature image of the legendary country singer/songwriter. An image of big hair, bright red lips and glitzy outfits. But one must never forget that behind the exterior is a brilliant poet with a voice that is unlike any country singer to date.

Canadian native Lindi Ortega channels Parton throughout on her debut album Little Red Boots, but it here, covering Bruce Springsteen’s classic tune “I’m on Fire” that Ortega shines as a country superstar on the rise.

Ortega’s voice is pure, twangy and effortless, as she sings and plays her way through Springsteen’s hit song. It is reminiscent of Parton’s vocal masterpiece “Jolene.”

In an age where country teen melodramas are center stage on top 40 radio, it is refreshing to discover that a bit of the heart and soul of country music is alive and kicking

Discography: Little Red Boots (2011)

Official Website:


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