Diane Birch is No “Fool”

19 Jan


Diane Birch’s “Fools” opens with a jazzy, bluesy feel and an unforgettable beat.

As soon as Birch’s voice cuts through the instrumentation, crooning honest lyrics that represent an independant single woman  it is hard not to make the comparison to another singer who earnestly wore her heart on her sleeve, and has gone down in music history as one of the most treasured singer/songwriters of our time.

Carole King.

Upon listening to “Fools” and Birch’s flawless piano driven melody combined with her rich, unique voice, singing “You tell me lies/Look me in the eyes/Honey I would rather stand out in the rain” the song easily can be placed musically on the same level as King’s “I Feel the Earth Move” or “It’s Too Late”

The main factor that brings Birch into King’s territory is the amount of raw soul heard in her music. It’s impossible to ignore.

Don’t be one of Birch’s fools. Check out the amazing musician.

Official Website: http://www.dianebirch.com

Discography: Bible Belt (2009). The Velveteen Age (2010).


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