All Locksley. All of the Time.

28 Jan

The opening of Locksey’s “All of the Time” is an introduction to the song, starting off slow, with a simple guitar strum and lyrics that set up the remainder of the tune.

“You’ll never love her like I love her/Cause I try all of the time.”

For the next two minutes and thirty-one seconds, listeners are taken on a stroll down a pure retro lane set to a jangle pop, mid tempo tune.

Lead singer Jesse Laz who often sounds like a young John Lennon, tells the tale of being stuck in the middle of a love triangle, where he urges the other lover to remove himself from the picture

“So leave and you’ll be fine/You’ll tell another story, I’m drawing the line/I end up in the middle all of the time”

The simple instrumentation, is a pure throwback to the days of the British Invasion of the 1960’s. The song itself is akin to one of the Beatles earlier works “This Boy”.

A later recording of “All of the Time” adds more of a modern rock feel to the song, but it is the original that should be listened to all of the time.

Discography (L.P.’s): Don’t Make Me Wait (2007/2008), Be in Love (2010), Locksley (2011)

*Original version of “All of the Time” can be found on Locksley (2005) E.P.


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