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Jake Bugg: Simply Talented

27 Jan

“I’ve been in search of stones/making up the pavement of less traveled roads/mining for treasure deep in my bones/That I never found”

Jake Bugg’s “Simple as This” delves into the themes of self discovery and the meaning of life. Subjects that are rarely heard in today’s music, let alone delivered by eighteen year old muscians. But then again,  Bugg is no ordinary teenager.


Like Bob Dylan did before him with “Blowin in the Wind” Bugg searches for answers to many of life’s big questions. But that is not the only similarity between the two artists. Bugg’s, twangy, sharp, earnest vocals, coupled with timeless lyrics, a single guitar and spurts of harmonica make “Simple as This” as did “Blowin in the Wind,” a universal song which reaches far beyond a folk audience.

It’s appeal lies not only in the minimalistic musical approach and simple melody, but in the air of wisdom and naivity of Bugg himself. At the same time he is busy memorizing Confucious’ manta, he is also looking for reverence at the bottom of a bottle. It is the mixture of these two ends of the spectrum that make Bugg a simple, and rare talent.

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Discography: Jake Bugg (2012)