Taking a “Stand” for The Last Shadow Puppets

10 Mar

A rolling guitar motif opens The Last Shadow Puppets “Standing Next to Me”, a repeating pattern which helps jet set the jangly tone of the song.

Almost immediately listeners are thrown into the staccato lyrics, which match the jerking instrumentation of the tune. “Want her, have her/Two Years have gone now/But I can’t relate/To the never ending/Games that you play”

Echo’s of 60’s favorites The Zombies “Tell her No” are brought to mind, as singers Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (The Rascals) voices compliment each other in a neat, crisp sound. The pep of “Standing Next to Me” matches the Monkees classic “Valleri.”

The Last Shadow Puppets have crafted a tune that feels as if you are taking down a stroll through 60’s music history, proving that sometimes repeating and retooling history is not as bad as we’ve been taught.

Discography: The Age of the Understatement (2008)

Official Website: thelastshadowpuppets.com


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