Relating to the Past

24 Mar

When musician Pete Yorn musically hooked up with actress Scarlett Johansson, something surprising happened.

Johansson proved she had vocal abilities which could hold its own against the much respected Yorn.

“Relator” the opening track on the album Break Up is somewhat of a revelation. Taking turns on verses, Johansson is the one who adds a slice of retro heaven to the tune. Smoky and sultry, with a dash of despair, Johansson is the perfect partner to Yorn’s more jubilant interpretation of this break up song.

Yet it is when the two come together that the modern-retro factor goes into high gear. Evoking Simon and Garfunkel’s smooth harmonizing, and the overall bounce of their hit “Cecilia,” “Relator” recaptures a glimpse of 60’s-70’s folk-pop that also feels revitalized and fresh.

Discogarphy: Musicforthemorningafter (2001) Day I Forgot (2003) Nightcrawler (2006) Back and Forth (2009) Break Up (2009) Pete Yorn (2010)

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