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“Choir” of Retro Storytelling

28 Apr

The art of good old fashioned storytelling seems to be a facet of music that is lacking in top 40 music.

Thankfully He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister are around to prove that the art is not lost.

“Choir of the Dead” masterfully weaves the story of a “sad man,” both criminal and coward, and his “fiery wrath” with the feel of Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs 60’s hit “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The slow, haunting, guitar driven macabre tune is highlighted by the bands two lead singers Rob and Rachel Kolar, who bring out the best in each other.

And let’s not forget the storytelling. Dark and beautiful lyrics help make up the story of the song’s main character. With lyrics such as “He came into this world believing in something/Discovered a man ain’t guaranteed nothing,” it’s easy to see what drives this man to act the way he does.

Though much more sinister than “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Choir of the Dead” retains the same storytelling appeal, which is the basis of all great songs.

One Million Reasons to Love The Growlers

21 Apr

“You know you’re living When it all becomes a blur.”

Brooks Neilsen, lead singer of The Growlers, offers this perspective on life in the tune “One Million Lovers,” and the same could be said of the song itself. The entire psychedelic, hazy single, passes by so fast it’s hard to believe that it clocks in at just under the five minute mark.

“One Million Lovers,” succeeds in harnessing the 60’s indie folk and pop scene down in one track. While Neilsen’s voice bears a strong similarity to Bob Dylan and channels folk elements, it also recalls the 60’s pop sound of The Buckinghams “Mercy,Mercy, Mercy.”

Growl and grit ever present, “One Million Lovers” is only ONE reason to fall in love with The Growlers. The other 999,999 thousand you will have to discover for yourself.

Discography: Are You In or Are You Out (2009) Hot Tropics (2010) Hung At Heart (2013)

Official Website:

Maybe? No, Definitely!

14 Apr

Heartbreak is a universal theme in music no matter what the decade, and The Living Statues brilliantly emote the sentiment in their retro inspired ballad “Maybe.”

Slow and steady, with a bluesy overtone, “Maybe” comes off as the modern equivalent of The Beatles “Oh Darling.” Much of the credit goes to lead singer Tommy Shears whose electric, painfully honest vocals cut through the song like a musical machete. Full of raw emotion, Shears takes a theme played over and over again in music and manages to make it fresh.

The electric guitar driven ballad helps give “Maybe” the modern edge it needs while still retaining a retro flavored melody, complete with crisp harmonies.

Discography: Bad News (2011) Strike of a Match (2012)

Official Website:

Make the Right “Pick”

7 Apr

Staccato piano chords and drumbeat help Pickwick’s “Halls of Columbia” get the groove rolling along It’s a slow –down and dirty – bluesy – soul – head nodding – toe tapping tune that feels as if it is an unearthed, unreleased export from the Elton John catalog (Circa “Bennie and the Jets”).

The real star of the track is lead singer Galen Dillard-Disston, bringing forth an adult contemporary sound that is as much Elton John as it is The Black Keys. Disston’s voice bears the weight of the track, nuanced and full of rock n’ roll with a heaping amount of soul.

Wailing its way through “Halls of Columbia” Pickwick is a band that you’ll want to keep your eye on and your ears tuned in to.

Discography: Can’t Talk Medicine (2013)

Official Website: