“Choir” of Retro Storytelling

28 Apr

The art of good old fashioned storytelling seems to be a facet of music that is lacking in top 40 music.

Thankfully He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister are around to prove that the art is not lost.

“Choir of the Dead” masterfully weaves the story of a “sad man,” both criminal and coward, and his “fiery wrath” with the feel of Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs 60’s hit “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The slow, haunting, guitar driven macabre tune is highlighted by the bands two lead singers Rob and Rachel Kolar, who bring out the best in each other.

And let’s not forget the storytelling. Dark and beautiful lyrics help make up the story of the song’s main character. With lyrics such as “He came into this world believing in something/Discovered a man ain’t guaranteed nothing,” it’s easy to see what drives this man to act the way he does.

Though much more sinister than “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Choir of the Dead” retains the same storytelling appeal, which is the basis of all great songs.


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