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Brothers and Sisters

26 May

Abigail and Lily Chapin, AKA The Chapin Sisters (daughters of folk icon Tom Chapin), are known for their rich folk-pop ballads and pitch perfect harmonies. So it comes to no surprise that their latest project is an album entirely devoted to covers of The Everly Brothers who also known for their lush lullabies. The star track, and first single, “Crying in the Rain” is a prime example of this match made in musical heaven.

Covers are always a tricky act to juggle. Artists should aim to add something new to the song, but also maintain the integrity of the original. Here we have a modern act looking to capture the sound of the 60’s, while bringing a fresh flavor. And the Chapin Sisters succeed.

“Crying in the Rain” is undeniably a sad song, yet The Chapin Sisters, who have a slightly lower register than The Everly Brothers,” accomplish making it even more melancholy. The pacing of the song is slightly slower giving it a drawn out feeling of emptiness, but much of the same instrumentation in the original is intact.

This is a song that clearly stands the test of time and could easily pass for a retro sounding folk tune from today, thanks to The Chapin Sisters.

Discography: Lake Bottom (2008), Two (2010), A Date With The Everly Brothers (2013)

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Get “Next To” Misty Miller

19 May

Somewhere between chillwave and psychedelic rock lies Misty Miller’s new single “Next to You.”

What starts off as a sweet, Cranberries – esque ballad introduction turns quickly into a full on frantic and manic rock song. It’s the type of song that would fit right in after hearing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” at a dingy New York nightclub in the late 1960’s.

Miller’s voice captures both Dolores O’Riodan [of The Cranberries] tenderness with the strong command of Grace Slick

Miller sings about heartbreak, but balances the lovelorn and weepiness with a take no prisoners attitude.
She is in full charge here, and she makes sure her listeners never forget that.

Discography: Misty Miller (2011)

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“Open the Door” to The Explorers Club

12 May

A flamenco inspired instrumental makes way for a song that could easily be mistaken for an authentic number from the 60s.

“Open the door” by The Explorers Club, with its heavy percussion and horn elements mixes the exoticness of Jay and the Americans “Cara Mia” with the delicate yet forceful vocal prowess of Gordon Lightfoot’s “If you Could Read my Mind.”

The Explorers Club , genuine in its delivery begging for one to simply “let one in,” is overly dramatic and understated at the same time. The song would blend perfectly into any classic oldies station, even though it was released in 2012.

More retro than modern, “Open the Door,” allows a younger audience to relive the golden years of the 60’s as if they had been there in the first place.

Discography: Freedom Wind (2008) Grand Hotel (2012)

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Musical Missal

5 May

Donna Missal hasn’t even released an E.P. but the buzz around her is strong.

Seamlessly blending the musical styles of Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin (a la “Cry Baby”) with her own flavor, Missal brings raw passion, chops, and a maturity seldom heard anymore to “Mr. Rogers.”

The pretty string ensemble heard throughout the tune is a stark contrast to Missal’s rough and coarse vocals. The intensity and vulnerability Missal brings to the song is one I implore anyone to try and match. This is a girl scorned, and when Missal cries “leave my heart alone,” one can feel the excruciating pain.

With earnest lyrics and the musicality of a seasoned professional, Donna Missal’s “Mr. Rogers” is retro, jazzy, soulful, pop that deserves attention.

Check out this amazing LIVE performance of Mr. Rogers to see what the buzz is all about! A MUST WATCH!

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