Musical Missal

5 May

Donna Missal hasn’t even released an E.P. but the buzz around her is strong.

Seamlessly blending the musical styles of Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin (a la “Cry Baby”) with her own flavor, Missal brings raw passion, chops, and a maturity seldom heard anymore to “Mr. Rogers.”

The pretty string ensemble heard throughout the tune is a stark contrast to Missal’s rough and coarse vocals. The intensity and vulnerability Missal brings to the song is one I implore anyone to try and match. This is a girl scorned, and when Missal cries “leave my heart alone,” one can feel the excruciating pain.

With earnest lyrics and the musicality of a seasoned professional, Donna Missal’s “Mr. Rogers” is retro, jazzy, soulful, pop that deserves attention.

Check out this amazing LIVE performance of Mr. Rogers to see what the buzz is all about! A MUST WATCH!

Official Website:


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