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Forever Listening

30 Jun

I dare you to listen to “Together Forever” by Two Wounded Birds and not smile.

Go on. I’m waiting.

See? You can’t do it.

This tune packs in more joy and pep in two minutes and 15 seconds than most songs do at double the time.
A mixture of The Beach Boys “Fun, Fun, Fun” and The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated,” “Together Forever” can only be described as beach punk. The pumped up track brings forth memories of ocean waves, waitresses on roller skates, corvettes, and most of all fun.

A carefree romp about the joy of enjoying the company you’re with, Two Wounded Birds bring back a type innocent beach party music that even Annette and Frankie could find themselves dancing to.

Discography: Two Wounded Birds (2012)

Official Website:

Music In The Summer

23 Jun

It is officially summer, and it’s time to search for the perfect song of the season.

Jordan Hull’s “In the Summer” is jangly folk pop, with a breezy air and just enough sauciness to make it a must on any summer playlist.

Though mostly a guitar centric song, what sounds like a glockenspiel helps to add a whimsy, almost calypso feel, to a tune essentially about making love.

Lyrics that could come off as just downright offensive and blunt such as “slip off your slacks and slap on the sleaze” instead convey the playfulness of young love.

In the wrong hands “In the Summer” could be a crude mess, but with Hull’s Dylan-esque vibe circa “Positively 4th Street” it’s a little slice of sun kissed music heaven.

-Enjoy the ultra hipster live version as a comparison!

Discography: Jordan Hull (2008), Who’s Gonna Teach You How To Live (2012)

Official Website:

Play Tennis

16 Jun

There are many qualities in Tennis “Origins” that gives the song a timeless feeling, but the main key is the songs simplicity.

With a repetitive keyboard driven backdrop, the melody easily gets lodged into ones head. Singer Alaina Moore’s voice is also simple, yet original and refreshing. Her angelic, ethereal pipes bring the perfect melancholy ache as she starts “Sensitive heart you’re doomed from the start.”

While mostly a simple pop performance, the song also bears a slight rock weight which rivals Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move.”
Innocent but bitter, young and old, Tennis show a duality of emotions hidden behind a mask of retro pop.

If Tennis is the name of the game, then be ready to play.

Discography: Cape Dory (2011), Young and Old (2012)

Official Website:

Earing their Strypes

9 Jun

Once in a while you come across a band on the cusp of fame and a song that is so fresh and alarmingly authentic rock n’ roll that you can’t help but start to count the number of Grammy’s in their future.

The Strypes “Blue Collar Jane,” is a mix between the retro hard rock of The Rolling Stones “19th Nervous Breakdown” and the attitude of The Strokes.

At a raucous 2:47 minutes that clangs and punches in all the right places, “Blue Collar Jane” pays its due to the rock n’ roll greats of the past while keeping one foot firmly in the present. This tune as tight as they come, and did I mentionThe Strypes are just teens? (15 and 16).

Splendid work for any age, The Strypes come off as seasoned professionals who show no fear.

And what is rock n’ roll without throwing caution to the wind.

Discography: Young, Gifted & Blue EP (2012), Blue Collar Jane EP (2013)

Official Website:

Dum Dum Girls Are Anything But!

2 Jun

With its pop-alternative bouncy sound it’s easy to mistake Dum Dum Girls “Heartbeat” as a upbeat tune with an upbeat message.

But you wouldn’t be more wrong.

Like some of the greatest songs in music history dark lyrics are well hidden by a toe tapping melody. “I don’t know where to go to get away from this sorrow” lead singer Dee Dee sadly admits. Her vocals and the content of the song has echoes of 10,000 Maniacs “Like the Weather.” Though “Heartbeat” has a musically more sunny flavor, it still packs enough of a dark punch to match “Like the Weather.”

It’s hard to believe but the 80’s are now considered to be retro and Dum Dum Girls capture the a certain type of spirit of the decade with ease.

Discography: Dum Dum Girls E.P. (2009) I Will Be (2010) He Gets Me High E.P. (2011) Only In Dreams (2011) End of Daze E.P. (2012)

Official Website: