Earing their Strypes

9 Jun

Once in a while you come across a band on the cusp of fame and a song that is so fresh and alarmingly authentic rock n’ roll that you can’t help but start to count the number of Grammy’s in their future.

The Strypes “Blue Collar Jane,” is a mix between the retro hard rock of The Rolling Stones “19th Nervous Breakdown” and the attitude of The Strokes.

At a raucous 2:47 minutes that clangs and punches in all the right places, “Blue Collar Jane” pays its due to the rock n’ roll greats of the past while keeping one foot firmly in the present. This tune as tight as they come, and did I mentionThe Strypes are just teens? (15 and 16).

Splendid work for any age, The Strypes come off as seasoned professionals who show no fear.

And what is rock n’ roll without throwing caution to the wind.

Discography: Young, Gifted & Blue EP (2012), Blue Collar Jane EP (2013)

Official Website: http://www.thestrypes.com


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