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The She’s Are the Bees Knees

21 Jul

“Fabian” by The She’s is a quintessential summer song. Everything about the tune, from the sound effect of the ocean waves crashing, the sunny pop melody and harmonies from Hannah Valente, and the subject of the song ,50’s and 60’s teen idol Fabian, make you feel like you are right on the beach with the band talking about boys and sipping coca-cola.

This girl group, still teens themselves, display innocence and maturity in their lyrics, while keeping the song bouncing along. Referring to a pop and movie star known for movies such as 1964’s “Ride The Wild Surf” gives these young girls credibility in the beach pop world.

They convincingly make listeners believe that time has turned back its hand to the early 60’s evoking Jan and Dean hits such as “She’s My Summer Girl.”
If there was ever a song to have a summer crush on. This is it.

Discography:Then It Starts To Feel Like Summer (2011)

Official Website:


The Hunt is Over

14 Jul

The Hunts are an indie folk band comprised of seven siblings, and while they have an album full of original tunes to purchase, the one track you won’t find on their LP is the one that should be there.

In a cover of The Beatles “All My Loving” for Youtube, Jenni and Jessi Hunt take the helm and deliver a quiet, yet powerful, rendition of the familiar song that makes you wish these twins would branch out on their own.

The simplicity of a single guitar and two hazy, but sharp ,voices is pure joy to the ears. Though this song has been covered countless times, Jessi and Jenni bring out a somberness tone that even the original couldn’t capture.
This rendition captures a French melancholy sound a la Estella Blain’s Solitude.

How this video only has a little over 4,000 views, I will never understand.

Discography: We Were Young (2012)

Official Website:

More Than Like

7 Jul

There are many retro pop girl groups floating around the musicsphere these days, but unlike the others The Like bring a raw edge to their songs. Such is the case in “Release Me.”

Instead of girly and flirty bubblegum lyrics, the song tells the story of a girl who can’t let a guy go even though they are wrong for each other. “I wish you knew I’m not the one for you

I’m just a sad excuse for what you long for.” Lead singer Elizabeth “Z” Berg describes the love she once had as being “gritty, gutsy and reckless” and the same could be said for Bergs smoky vocal performance.

These throaty and scratchy vocals recall The Crystals “Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby.”The melodies and tempos of these songs are also very similar bringing more retro credibility to “Release Me.”

It’s a song that is impossible not to like.

Discography: Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking (2005), Release Me (2011)

Official Website: