Carnival of Songs

4 Aug

After a one week hiatus, I am back from the Newport Folk Festival, and ready to bring you new, retro inspired music.

One of the main reasons I attended the festival was to see the folk rock duo Shovels & Rope and they did not disappoint.

Though they did not perform “Carnival,” a song reminiscent of Patsy Cline’s “She’s Got You” I am giving it full attention here.

Both Cline and Cary Ann Hearst sing with mourning and sorrow about a lost love with a magical maudlin quality and country croon.

The lyrics showcase the imaginative interweaving of a dying love with that of a county fair, written and delivered so well, you can almost see the twinkling lights of a carnival at night

“No one can hear our voices.
I can tell your future and past
by the light of the carousel horses.
Across the world I wonder,
my moments made from years.
On a still and silent midway,
I wait for you to reappear.”

With the harmonica wailing like an old fashioned carousel itself, listeners are brought not only to the midway, but to another time, tying in the retro aspect of the tune.

Discography: Shovels & Rope (2008), O’ Be Joyful (2012)

Official Website:


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