You’ll Never Be Lonely With Ludo

25 Aug

With its light as feather instrumentation, smooth vocals and sweet and innocent lyrics, “I’ll Never Be Lonely Again,” by Ludo, is a magical slow dance retro throwback to the days before The Beatles made a name for themselves.

It’s the kind of song you would want to dance to with your steady boyfriend Biff at the prom if it was 1955. It’s also the perfect love song for anyone who feels they should have been a teenager during that era.

Oozing charm and sincerity, rarely heard in current pop music, “I’ll Never Be Lonely Again,” is this generation’s “Pledging My Love” by Johnny Ace. In fact, if you played this song to someone who grew up in the days of poodle skirts they might think it is an unearthed authentic tune from the 50’s.

The earnest lyrics and vocal delivery by Andrew Volpe add to the spot on homage of the decade. It is only when Volpe’s voice drifts away from a soft patter to a louder rock wail that one may realize this track was released in 2010.

Discography: Ludo (2004), Broken Bride (2005), You’re Awful, I Love You (2008), Prepare The Preparations (2010).

Official Website:


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