Swim Into a Musical Ocean

1 Sep

Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez better known as Johnnyswim have been compared to contemporary folk duo The Civil Wars. And while the similarities are sometimes uncanny, such as the electric energy in their live performances, Johnnyswim can hold its own especially in standout tracks such as “Adelina.”

The tune is a poetic ode to Ramirez’s mother, and is reminiscent of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” lyric wise. The song also shines a spotlight on the duo’s voices which are the main attraction. While Ramierz powerfully and tenderly sings lead on this track, Sudano proves she also has chops to showcase. By herself, Sudano evokes the sound of Ronnie Spector . When the two voices join together the harmonizing is pure folk perfection.

Combining elements of both the past and present, “Adelina” is a love song for the ages.

Discography: “Johnnyswim” (2008), “Home Vol 1” (2012), “Heartbeats” (2013)

Official Website: http://www.johnnyswim.com


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