Say Hello To Goodbye

22 Sep

There is no denying the influence the 60’s has over The Coral’s “Goodbye.” From start to finish it is a rollicking, harmonic, trip down Merseybeat lane.

What starts off as a strong electric guitar opening, fades into smoky vocals by frontman James Skelly and tight backup harmonies reminiscent of The Zombies “She’s Not There.” Simple lyrics such as “Once so very long ago/Is when I loved you so” help push the song into British Invasion status.

Towards the middle of the tune there is a big electric guitar and percussion throw down, adding a psychedelic, progressive rock twist (complete with a echoed countdown) in for modernity. But replace this interlude with a keyboard and you are pretty much left with The Zombies vibe.

“Goodbye” is the perfect match for anyone wishing to relive the sounds of the 60’s in a slightly new view.

Discography: The Coral (2002), Magic and Medicine (2003, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker (2004),The Invisible Invasion (2005), Roots & Echoes (2007), Butterfly House (2010)

Official Website:

*Special thanks to T.S. for introducing me to this band*


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