Gone But Not Forgotten

6 Oct

The Tea Party’s darkly, worldly song “Gone” may already be considered retro to some, having been released in 1999, but it obtains the retro aspect for other reasons.

Lead singer Jeff Martin delivers a performance even Tom Jones would be proud of. Slightly dialed back from Jones overly dramatic vocal performances, Martin, with his deep register, still brings plenty of retro drama and passion. Like an updated version of “I Who Have Nothing,” “Gone” delves deep down into a state of loneliness.

The instrumental section in the middle comes off as mysterious and just a bit psychotic with its staccato movements.

Set against an orchestral background of rich sounds and chock full of pained lyrics such as Broken moments in time could still shine, but they’re getting old,” “Gone” gives off a dark vibe that is just downright chilling.

Discography:The Tea Party (1991), Capitol Records Demo (1992), Splendor Solis (1993),The Edges of Twilight (1995)Alhambra (EP) (1996),Transmission (1997),Triptych (1999),Tangents: The Tea Party Collection (2000),The Interzone Mantras (2001),Seven Circles (2004),Live From Australia (2012)

Official Website: http://www.teaparty.com


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