Sleep Tight, Embrace The Fright

13 Oct

Ever notice how in horror films, songs from the 50’s and 60’s are used to signal that terror is lurking just around the corner? This device is used countless times in cinema and it never fails to chill. Tunes that normally sound romantic are suddenly creepy.

“Sleep Tight” by The Creepshow aims to deliver a retro inspired song that would fit right in a modern spook flick. But the content is a far cry from innocent lovey dovey authentic old school tunes. Yes, it delves into a common theme in music. A girl who has been dumped and heartbroken. But there is a twist. She will exact revenge. Taken literally “Sleep Tight” is a straight up horrifying tale of a girl who gets murdered by her love and vows to haunt him from her grave with her “undead eyes.” But it could also be looked at as a figurative killing of a relationship.

Lead vocalist on the track, Sarah Blackwood, helps keep the rockabilly vibe of the band alive with her gritty, innocent voice. But with spot on doo wop backing vocals from the rest of the band, and a 50’s ballad feel, the tune evokes the stylings of retro hits such as The Danleers “One Summer Night.”

With Halloween just around the corner, turn up the volume on “Sleep Tight” and get in the haunting spirit.

Discography: Sell Your Soul (2006),Run for Your Life (2008),They All Fall Down (2010)

Official Website:

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