Go Down The Road With The Heavy

20 Oct

The Heavy have never shied away from tackling dark material in their songs, but perhaps their most haunting tune to date is the southern gothic, slow blues track “Lonesome Road.”

The band may hail from England, but they capture the sound of New Orleans soul so well, it’s hard to believe they did not grow up immersed in the Louisiana culture.

“Lonesome Road” relies on sparse horns and percussion, with a bit of electric guitar to set the stage for gruesome lyrics such as

“When it’s over from the start
When it hangs by the nail
When it leaks like a murdered heart
When it’s too sad a tale.”

Kelvin Swalby may be this generations Ray Charles with just enough soul, funk, blues and jazz in his voice to make his a superstar. “Lonesome Road,” with its slow pacing, and dirge like marching sounds is like a modern day version of Charles’ “It’s Alright.”

In both songs, the most effective element is the background echoing vocals. In “Lonesome Road” a ghostly choir wails like banshees throughout the track which is sure to give anyone goosebumps.

If you’re looking for a standout modern track with retro soul to add to your Halloween party playlist, look no further than “Lonesome Road”

Discography: Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (2007),The House That Dirt Built (2009),The Glorious Dead (2012)

Official Website: http://www.theheavy.co.uk


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