Sleepwalk With Lissie

3 Nov

“Sleepwalking”by Lissie off her new album Back to Forever, sounds like the product of a musical lovechild between Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks.

The toe tapping tune, that will surely get stuck in one’s head after one listen, is more than just its melody. Lissie’s gritty and earthy voice can’t help but be compared to Nicks but there is an honest and rough element to “Sleepwalking” that evokes Springsteen’s “I’m going down,” minus the saxophone solo.

“I woke up at the foot of my bed with my blue jeans on and you stuck in my head,” Lissie plainly describes at the opening of the track. There’s no mystery here as Lissie pours her heart out for all of her listeners to hear.

Yes, it’s catchy and has a great hook, but there is a somber message to be found, and the fact that many could easily bypass the solemn lyrics due to the uplifting beat makes “Sleepwalking” all the more brilliant.

Lissie may be one of the most down to earth and real artists out right now, and “Sleepwalking” showcases just that.

Disography: Catching A Tiger (2010), Back To Forever (2013)

Official Website:


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