Watching Eric Hutchinson

10 Nov

Eric Hutchinson’s “Watching You Watch Him” is the type of tune you hear and think, “wait is this a cover?”

With its bouncy percussion, clinging and clanging in all the right places and a worldly feel, including a south of the border instrumental breakdown, the track stands on its own right next to Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard.”
In fact, it seems as if Hutchinson took notes while listening to Simon to perfect the sound, but it never sounds like an outright copy. This is flattery in fine form of a talented singer/songwriter.”Watching You Watch Him” sounds fresh today, but could pass off as a retro hit which is no easy feat.

Though there is a touch of soul and heartache in Hutchinson’s voice. He breezes through the sad lyrics in such a carefree manner that one can’t help but get swept away in the catchiness of the song.

Discography:This Could’ve Gone Better (2003), Before I Sold Out (2006), Sounds Like This (2008), Moving Up Living Down (2012)

Official Website:


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