Language of Love: 101

17 Nov

As soon as Stuart Mclamb of The Love Language hits the first few notes in “Pedals” the retro sound is unmistakable.

Its lush background instrumentals and drawn out vocals harkens The Smiths “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.” Both songs start off alarmingly similar, but there is a Phil Spector production value to “Pedals” that you won’t find in any Smiths song.

It’s this cross between 80’s alternative introspection and the jangle and pop aspect of the 50’s and 60’s that make “Pedals” so unique. Marrying the two sounds correctly is no easy task, but Mclamb makes it sound effortlessly, ebbing and flowing in all the right places.

“Pedals” is a beautiful mixture of retro genres, with just the right amount of love and melancholy. There’s no mistaking who Mclamb’s influences are while listening to the track, but it is more than an homage. It’s a time bending retrospective of sorts that is perfect for any broken heart.

Discography: The Love Language (2009), Libraries (2010), Ruby Red (2013).

Official Website:


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