Sweet Music

24 Nov

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” made famous by The Shirelles, is arguably the best song to come from a girl group in the 1960’s. It’s the type of song that was made for the jukebox while sipping a milkshake. With its upbeat tempo, Shirley Owens crisp and rich vocals, and dazzling string instrumental, it’s easy to bypass how melancholy the tune really is.

And perhaps that’s the magic of the timeless track.

Many have covered the song in the past, but none as bittersweetly as Sweet Talk Radio. Husband and Wife duo Kathrin Shorr & Tim Burlingame match lyrical content to tone in this version. It is slow and full of pent up pain and uncertainty. Shorr sings with a heartaching and harrowing earnesty full of vulnerability that brings “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” to a whole different level. A level perhaps not thought about until now.

A simple piano driven background only helps to send home the truly downhearted message of the song. With additional ethereal vocals, Sweet Talk Radio’s version breathes new life into a classic.

Discography: My Hallelujah (2009), State Of The Untion (2012)

Official Website: http://www.sweettalkradio.com


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