Me And Your Ghost And Sarah Borges

1 Dec

Sarah Borges may not be a household name, but she should be.

Back in 2009 her band Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles, released the fiesty, empowering anthem “Me and Your Ghost.”

*Listen to the record version here*

With its memorable guitar driven jangle, and midtempo groove, it has all the makings of a track that could have rolled out of the 1960’s,recalling The Beatles “Things We Said Today.” But Borges punches up the track with fierceness. She shows independence as she croons,

“I think I’m gonna put on one of my party dresses/ The one with the bow in the back/ The one that used to get me into messes.”

It’s the kind of sassy attitude type of song that harkens back to The Angels “My Boyfriend’s Back,” again with an update. It’s clear Borges doesn’t need any man to solve her problems.

Her swirl of twangy, country, and straight up rock voice help bring out different sides of the song and her emotions, producing much more depth.

There’s a playfulness here, vocally, lyrically, and instrumentally that helps make “Me and your Ghost” a new anthem for females everywhere.

Discography: Silver City (2004), Diamonds in the Dark (2007), The Stars are Out (2009)

Official Website:


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