On Fire!

8 Dec

“Lori” by the Fire Apes starts with an explosion of drums and electric guitar, a giant burst of energy that is kept up the entire length of the song. The quickened pace ,raw garage band feel is contrasted by power pop vocals of the man behind the Fire Apes moniker John Seymour.

His 60’s influences are clear and strong here, harmonies pitch perfect and fresh. The unstoppable beat and liveliness of “Lori” is reminiscent of The Five Americans “Western Union,” with just a bit more pep.

The crisp and sharp retro feel is modernized by the forceful, almost punk like ending which the entire track leads up to. It’s an unexpected move with unbridled oomph.

With a manic musical vigor to the finish line, listeners will be instantly perked up and in the mood to get up, start the song again and dance like never before.

Discography: Central Park Carousel (2005), A Life in Letters (2011).

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/thefireapes/info


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