Jens Hoffman Makes Sweet Music

15 Dec

A reader of this blog left this artist/song/video in the comment section and I knew from the first few notes I had to review it.

With a few strums of the guitar and a light percussion rattle Jens Hoffman sets up the tone of his song “Sweet Honey Bee (Shine On). This little kernel of indie treasure, with the aid of sound effects such as people laughing, birds chirping, and water flowing delivers both smiles and a dab of sadness.

“Shine, Shine On/ The world keeps spinning round/Your heartbeat makes my world go round,” Hoffman croons in a John Lennon upper register sending a message that it is evocative of Lennon’s “Hold On” which instills part of the retro vibe of the song. If Lennon was still alive today, I wouldn’t be surprised if his music would sound a lot like
Hoffman’s (or actually vice versa)

The mellowness of the tune shines, not just in Hoffman’s voice but in the delicate and simple instrumental and lyrics. Intricate guitar work is displayed ramping up the song but is immediately followed by a soft and introspective portion, striking a well balanced chord.

If you need a pick me up on a cold winter night, just shut your eyes and put on this tune for 5:23 of pure bliss.

Discography: Sweet Honey Bee (Shine On) *single* (2013)

2 Responses to “Jens Hoffman Makes Sweet Music”

  1. Angelica January 4, 2014 at 4:47 am #

    Thank you for the great discovery!
    As you said, I closed my eyes and went on a 5 min summer-trip…and then replayed it to realise that the video is a treat as well.
    I just love that tune – I guess he has a rosy future.

  2. Christina March 4, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    Here is the link to his new video “A Friend Has Gone”

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