A Far Cry From A Nightmare

22 Dec

“Sarah Beth” by The Nightmare & The Cat is the perfect fusion between retro rock and modern rock.

While the melody, sometimes fast paced with crashing percussion, often delves into the rock scene of today, lead singer Django Stewart elevates the tune to a separate retro level. His voice at times soft, soothing and smooth brings forth memories of Roy Orbison, particularly his song “(Say) You’re My Girl”.

The bouncy, foot tap worthy, “Sarah Beth” straddles the line between up tempo and slightly sad. This is reflected not just in the vocals and instrumentation but in the poetic lyrics as well.

“I built you this house in the hollow of my heart/You’re burning out and soon it will be dark/My fuel is in your doubt/My fear is in your spark.”

The lushness of the harmonies sung throughout the song are swapped out for pep and vitality in the chorus. Though it may feel as if one is listening to two different songs put together, Nightmare & The Cat effortlessly string “Sarah Beth” together for an enjoyable, slightly retro listen.

Discography:Nightmare and the Cat EP (2011), Simple EP (2013)

Official Website: http://www.nightmareandthecat.com


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