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Royally Good

26 Jan

“Monte Carlo” by U.S Royalty is the modern day male equivalent of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Almost everything about this track is evocative of “Dreams,” done in a fresh and updated way. From the simple guitar riff that opens the song, to the stinging electric guitar and to the epic chorus which most strongly hits the nail on the Fleetwood Mac sound by employing a group of voices in an echo like effect. It’s wildly effective and one can almost sing the “Dreams” chorus right over the one on “Monte Carlo” and have it synch up.

Of course the content in each song is vastly different, but it doesn’t matter.

The US Royalty balances the scales of retro and modernity so well, lead singer John Thornley playing his part as the male version of Steve Nicks, that it’s hard to tell if they were aiming for a 70’s sound in the first place, or if this is just what the band wrote naturally.

Check out “Monte Carlo” and come up with your own conclusions.

*Bonus Live Version*

Discography: Mirrors (2011), Blue Sunshine (2014).

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The Soft White Sixties Bring Back The Eighties

19 Jan

They may be called The Soft White Sixties, but their sound is anything but.

“When This All Started” seems like a direct response to the absence of provocative but tasteful tracks in the modern age of pop music. It brings listeners back to the eighties powerhouse INXS who mastered the genre.

Like their predecessors, The Soft White Sixties take slow jamming and alternative rock seriously. The hazy, and dangerous instrumentals compliment lead singer Octavio Genera’s sensual and gritty vocals which alarmingly sound as if Michael Hutchence has come back from the dead.

It’s sleek and edgy just like INXS’ “Need You Tonight,” in fact, “When This All Started” could easily fit on a Best of INXS album without anyone questioning its authenticity.

Yes. It’s just that good.

Discography: The Soft White Sixties (2011).

Official Website:

Join The Gang

12 Jan

In Gang of Youths “Evangelist,” what starts off as a haunting and mesmerizing almost chant-like ooh’s and ahh’s quickly dissolves into a retro, 80’s, U2 sounding tune, along the lines of U2’s “New Years Day.”

With a mix of The Killers Brandon Flowers and U2’s Bono, the lead singer of Gang of Youth hits all the right notes as he belts, wails, and bluntly shares his feelings on life and more serious matters.

“I have made more friends in Hell than I have in Jesus land”

Clearly there is a strong deepness to the song that sets it apart from other retro inspired alternative tunes on the radio today.Frankly it’s a breath of fresh air, and I guarantee you that before 2014 is over Gang of Youths will be a household name.

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Tunes From The Spongetones

5 Jan

It’s undeniable.

Since 1979 The Spongetones have been the band to perfect Beatleseaque powerpop. Song after song, album, after album, The Spongetones are able to pay homage to a band they worshipped, while putting their own special brand of harmonies, lyrics, and beats to their work.

“You’ll Come Running Back” is just one brilliant example of the retro power of The Spongetones.

A belting and powerful harmonica hook begin the track, and its use is continued throughout the song. Lead singer Jamie Hoover dons his best John Lennon throaty vocals to deliver a vivacious and heartbreaking performance.
The lyrics retain the simplicity of early Beatles songs, such as “I’ll Be back” and also carries a very similar theme.

The genius here, lies in lines such as

“Reciting lines as I beg you don’t go”
“I’ve seen this play once in fact”

There’s poetry here, and a melody that is downright infectious.

If you’re a Beatles fan who is looking for a band to fill the music shaped hole in your heart that formed since The Beatles disbanded, look no further than The Spongetones.

They always keep you coming back.

Beat Music (1982)
Torn Apart (1984)
Where-Ever-Land (1987)
Oh Yeah! (1991)
Textural Drone Thing (1995)
Odd Fellows (2000)
Number 9 (2005)
Too Clever By Half (2008)
Scrambled Eggs (2009)

Official Website: