Tunes From The Spongetones

5 Jan

It’s undeniable.

Since 1979 The Spongetones have been the band to perfect Beatleseaque powerpop. Song after song, album, after album, The Spongetones are able to pay homage to a band they worshipped, while putting their own special brand of harmonies, lyrics, and beats to their work.

“You’ll Come Running Back” is just one brilliant example of the retro power of The Spongetones.

A belting and powerful harmonica hook begin the track, and its use is continued throughout the song. Lead singer Jamie Hoover dons his best John Lennon throaty vocals to deliver a vivacious and heartbreaking performance.
The lyrics retain the simplicity of early Beatles songs, such as “I’ll Be back” and also carries a very similar theme.

The genius here, lies in lines such as

“Reciting lines as I beg you don’t go”
“I’ve seen this play once in fact”

There’s poetry here, and a melody that is downright infectious.

If you’re a Beatles fan who is looking for a band to fill the music shaped hole in your heart that formed since The Beatles disbanded, look no further than The Spongetones.

They always keep you coming back.

Beat Music (1982)
Torn Apart (1984)
Where-Ever-Land (1987)
Oh Yeah! (1991)
Textural Drone Thing (1995)
Odd Fellows (2000)
Number 9 (2005)
Too Clever By Half (2008)
Scrambled Eggs (2009)

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  1. Scout Paget January 6, 2014 at 9:19 am #

    I like it! 🙂

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