Royally Good

26 Jan

“Monte Carlo” by U.S Royalty is the modern day male equivalent of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Almost everything about this track is evocative of “Dreams,” done in a fresh and updated way. From the simple guitar riff that opens the song, to the stinging electric guitar and to the epic chorus which most strongly hits the nail on the Fleetwood Mac sound by employing a group of voices in an echo like effect. It’s wildly effective and one can almost sing the “Dreams” chorus right over the one on “Monte Carlo” and have it synch up.

Of course the content in each song is vastly different, but it doesn’t matter.

The US Royalty balances the scales of retro and modernity so well, lead singer John Thornley playing his part as the male version of Steve Nicks, that it’s hard to tell if they were aiming for a 70’s sound in the first place, or if this is just what the band wrote naturally.

Check out “Monte Carlo” and come up with your own conclusions.

*Bonus Live Version*

Discography: Mirrors (2011), Blue Sunshine (2014).

Official Website:


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