Runaway Cover

16 Feb

Sophie Madeline and Liam Blake are both accomplished solo artists on their own, but it is here, when the two come together with just a guitar, ukulele, and microphones to cover a classic song Del Shannon’s “Runaway” that these singer/songwriters shine the brightest.

The simplicity of the setup, the bare bones of just two people singing without any fancy production highlight the talent these two share and make it in exceptional cover.

Liam Blake takes the bulk of the song, his tone at times rivaling Del Shannon’s while Sophie Madeline adds a bit of European mystery to the tune, showcasing her vast vocal range.

It is when the two harmonize on the chorus that the cover is elevated to another level, their voices intertwining beautifully, giving almost an Everly Brothers vibe.

And let’s not omit the superb guitar solo from Blake, nailing every note from the original track.

From start to finish this is one cover that is a hidden gem of the youtube world and should not be overlooked.

Sophie Madeline Discography:
Silent Cynic, (2013)
The Rhythm You Started (2011)
Love. Life. Ukulele (2009)

Liam Blake Discography: You and Other Stories (2011)

Official Website:


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