Watch and Listen to Barcelona

16 Mar

“Watching Me” by Barcelona is a pure blended fusion of several decades rolled into just over three minutes.

There are so many influences heard, from The Police to modern day bands such as Snow Patrol, that can be picked up in lead singer Brian Fennell’s voice both strong and powerful and subtle and airy.

But the most direct comparison is to the 80’s hit “Talking in your Sleep” by the Romantics. While “Watching Me” is much more mid tempo, the chorus is almost identical in melody to “Talking in your Sleep.”

Intentional or not all of the elements combined, the vocals and the melody, help bring a retro but new vibe to this indie treasure. It’s haunting (the yearning in Fennell’s voice as he cries and wails about a failed relationship) and echoes just the right amount of old school vibe to earn this modern tune a space on this blog.


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