Ooh La La! It’s Allah – Las!

6 Apr

From the first few notes of Allah-Las “Catamaran” one can instantly feel the 60’s authenticity the band has created in a modern era.

Its psychedelic opening instrumental, with sleek electric guitar and a jangle of percussion, is a retro music lover’s dream, clocking in at nearly a full minute. Just as an instrumental alone the tune is pretty perfect, but then the vocals begin.

Miles Michaud hazy and muffled voice is pure rock n roll with a slight edge. Garage rock? Yes, but it’s also so much more. “Catamaran” sounds like it could be the B side of “96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians.

Dark and soulful, “Catamaran” is not overly produced, and relies on the raw talent of its band members to create a distinct and memorable sound that can be enjoyed by many.

So when someone says “Modern music just isn’t the way it used to be” point them to Allah-las.

Discography:Allah-Las (2012)

Official Website: http://www.allah-las.com


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