Take a Detour on the Musical Speedway

13 Apr

Dirty Beaches “Speedway King,” is an experimental, raucous tune that mimics its title.

With a cacophony of sounds, hazy and jarring, bleeding together in lo-fi to never quite form a melody “Speedway King” is the perfect manifestation of what I refer to as left field retro.

Singer Alex Zhang Hungtai captures the raw sensibility of Elvis Presley in “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “Blue Moon” and brings it to a new level by making “Speedway” mysterious and off center.

There’s not many lyrics in the song, in fact it is mostly instrumental, and the result is a haunting listening experience.

There’s no doubt that Hungtai idols Presley which comes through in his vocals. But instead of sounding like a copycat, Hungrai manages to take hold of the sound and focus on the more bizarre spirit of the song.

If you’re looking for a retro influenced tune that defies expectations and breaks all rules and genres, take a detour into the dark head trip of “Speedway King.”

:Old Blood (2007)
Horror (2008)
Night City (2010)
Badlands (2011)
Drifters/Love Is The Devil (2013)

Official Website: http://www.dirtybeaches.bandcamp.com


One Response to “Take a Detour on the Musical Speedway”

  1. Scout Paget April 13, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    Very raw. Reminds me much of the late-70s punk ala The Cramps. Likes!

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