Stay Chill with Courtney Barnett

4 May

Courtney Barnett is already receiving praise for her debut album The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, and some are even comparing her to Bob Dylan. And while Barnett does explore Dylan territory in some of her songs, here on “Lance Jr,” the feel is anything but.

With a dazzling but simple electric guitar and percussion opening solo, the tune at first echoes the sounds of The Monkees “(I’m Not) Your Steppin’ Stone.” In fact if you take out Barnett’s vocals one could almost sing the 1966 song along with the melody.

It’s got an ambient and hazy vibe, with Barnett’s smoky voice equal parts Lorde and Kurt Cobain. Change the lyrics and this well could have been a psychedelic track released from a time gone by. Or it could be a lost 90’s Nirvana song, something along the lines of “Polly.”

Put a flower wreath on, or a flannel shirt, or both and let “Lance Jr.” work its magic on you.

Discography: The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas (2013)

Official Website:


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