Cults Are On Point

18 May

Duo Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, better known as cults, serve up retro style girl group songs such as “I Never Saw The Point.” But besides the nods to The Dixie Cups the sound behind this tune comes from other 60’s artists.

Follin’s gentle and playful voice, mimicking the playful instrumentation, echo’s Lesley Gore ‘s vocals on “It’s My Party.” There’s a youthful, innocent splash of color among a sea of mournful lyrics such as “I never saw the point in trying/Cause I would only let you down.”

Clearly the song is more sophisticated in manner than “It’s My Party,” and that is part of what separates the two songs. The other is the verses of the tune which imitate almost perfectly Terry Stafford’s 1964 hit “Suspicion.” Listen to them side by side and it’s hard not to imagine the song didn’t have some sort of influence on Cults, intentionally or not.

But it’s not a mere copycat. The bridge is an explosion of big emotions and powerful vocals and instrumentation that keep the song rooted in the modern world.

Discography: Cults (2011), Static (2013)

Official Website:

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