The Bright Side of Retro

25 May

There’s a melancholy feeling that one cannot help but feel upon hearing the opening notes to Cass McCombs “Brighter.” A singer/songwriter expressing his deep feelings isn’t anything new, but McCombs melds modern and retro elements to make this song shine.

The tune is reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s solo work, with just a little more twang in the instrumentation, emphasizing the sadness of the tune. Think a cross between “Ram On” and Chris Issak’s “Somebody’s Crying.”

The guitar wails and cries like a banshee, setting the perfect mood for McCombs delicate vocals and sensitive, poetic lyrics. His falsetto hitting just the right amount of vulnerability.

For an added retro spin, check out film legend Karen Black covering the tune with McCombs who sells the song impeccably, adding her own brand of sadness to the track that Lana del Rey would be jealous of.

A (2003)
PREfection (2005)
Dropping the Writ (2007)
Catacombs (2009)
Wit’s End (2011)
Humor Risk (2011)
Big Wheel and Others (2013)


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