Stay With Sam Smith

1 Jun

Singer/songwriter Sam Smith is already getting praise for his music, and his debut album isn’t even released in the United States yet. You may have caught him on Saturday Night Live, or have heard his name being thrown around in music lovers conversations, but if you have not here is your formal introduction to his song “Stay With Me.”

The start of the song, with strong piano and simple percussion are swirling musical echoes of Bill Withers “Lean On Me.” In fact “Stay With Me” holds the same powerful anthem quality which is only bolstered by a gospel choir that surprises and moves in the tune’s chorus.

Smith’s voice, however, brings to mind another retro influence, David Ruffin of The Temptations. You can hear it especially on The Temptations hit “My Girl.” Full of soul and a vocal range that exquisitely hits all the right high and low notes, both Ruffin and Smith are artists whose talent is inherent and infectious.

“Stay With Me” is a track that is relatable on many levels and Smith brings just the right amount of emotion to the song, wavering between delicacy and strength.

If you’re looking for a song with heart, check out “Stay With Me” and listen as Smith lays his heart out for all to hear.

Discography: In The Lonely Hour (2014)

Official Website:


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