A New Kind of Baseball

15 Jun

Before there was Postmodern Jukebox making top 40, and let’s be honest, sub par songs (for the most part) into retro and entirely likeable reboots, there were The Baseballs.

Hailing from Germany, the three leading men known to the world as Sam, Basti, and Digger, have been taking modern hits and adding a heaping dash of 50’s Elvis/Rockabilly retro to them since 2009. And the results are . . . well, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Out of all the songs The Baseballs have covered, “Tik Tok” originally sung by Ke$ha stands out the most. The tempo is upbeat yet sultry, matching the Elvis Presley-esque vocals.

The arrangement is a mesh of sizzling instrumentation and plain electricity on all fronts. There’s a playfulness here heard not only in the singer’s croons and come hither come ons but also in the lyrics themselves.

While the original version boasts “But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger” The Baseballs sing “But we kick em to the curb unless their sleeping with Digger”

And then of course to add even more of a retro flavor Ke$ha’s P. Diddy reference at the start of the song is altered to Bo Diddley.

It’s still a ridiculous tune, but The Baseballs are having fun with it. And with their magic touch, now you can too.

Discography: Strike! (2009), Strike! Back (2010), Strings ‘n’ Stripes (2011), Good Ol’ Christmas (2012), Game Day (2014).

Official Website: http://www.the-baseballs.com


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