Beach Beats

22 Jun

“Walking on the Street” by Beach Day starts off with an offbeat and playful percussion introduction that ventures into The Crystal’s “He’s a Rebel” territory. And by the time lead singer Kimmy Drake opens her mouth in full Little Eva “Locomotion” fashion, you can’t help but start tapping your toes.

It is 3:49 minutes of pure bliss, a complete and full nod to girl groups of the past such as The Ronettes. The Nostalgia cannot helped but be felt, as “Walking on the Street” sounds like a legitimate tune straight out of the height of girl power in the 1960’s.

But what sets this song apart from so many others, are the lyrics. Yes, it’s about heartbreak, but instead of focusing on only the girl’s viewpoint, the track shifts midway to the boy’s point of the view. And what do you know . . . they are both feeling the same. Using a female to cover both sides of the spectrum, taking on the male voice is clever and adds that modern spin to the song.

Life may not be a beach, but Beach Day surely do their best to put a smile in your step.

Discography: Trip Trap Attack (2013) Native Echoes (2014).

Official Website:


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