Retro Summer

29 Jun

Summer is here and why not celebrate in a retro fashion?

The Moons “English Summer” may not be your stereotypical beach tune, but it serves up a number of throwback influences to welcome your summer with style.

Darker than most summer tracks, “English Summer” calls to memory “I’m Only Sleeping” by the Beatles, especially in the intro. One could almost take that guitar section and break off into “I’m Only Sleeping” without even meaning too.

There is a sneaky, mysterious quality throughout the song, not just through the hazy, psychedelic vocals, but through the almost spooky instrumentation as well. It’s the kind of quiet yet commanding, unsettling feeling that can also be found in “People are Strange” by the Doors.

Yet the strongest comparison may be to The Kinks “Sunny Afternoon,” which also delivers a shadowy and enigmatic mood.
With cunning lyrics and its atmospheric feeling, “English Summer” is the perfect song to listen to when the sky is grey, just before a storm on a hot day.

Discography: Life on Earth (2010), Fables of History (2012), Mindwaves (2014)

Official Website:


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