Bouquet of Fresh Music

6 Jul

Paul McDonald. Nikki Reed. You may have heard of them before. He was on American Idol. She is best known for her role as Rosalie in The Twilight Saga films. But put the two together and authentic, retro, Americana – folk fusion is born.

In “Bouquet of Lies (Ghost in Apt. 8,”) McDonald does the heavy lifting, carrying the verses in his signature Rod Stewart like, raspy vocals while Reed joins in to harmonize adding a soft wisp of elegance and light when needed.

The tune itself has remnants of Rod Stewart’s “Mandolin Wind” keeping itself gritty yet polished. It’s soothing to listen to, but also has just enough rock to elevate the track up a notch.

By the time McDonald and Reed reach the chorus it’s as if a musical firework has been shot off, bright with color and heartfelt emotion. And if you don’t already have chills after that, the bridge is a surefire clincher with McDonald wailing

“And I can’t keep on living with all of the lights on/And I can’t move on, I’ve been spending all of my time alone.”

With imaginative lyrics, a hint of early 70s folk rock, and harmonies to die for, “Bouquet of Lies (Ghost in Apt. 8)” is one beautifully sorrowful spirit you may hope never leaves.

Discography: I’m Not Falling (2014).

Official Website:


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