On The Lookout for Jaws

20 Jul

Jaws debut album doesn’t come out until September, but based on the lead single “Be Slowly,” I would surmise that many more songs in the 80’s new wave genre is to be expected.

Musically the tune sounds like a companion to The Cure’s “Friday I’m in love,” with a blazing and commanding intro full of crashing drums and guitars. But it also takes a page out of A Flock of Seagulls “Space Age Love Song,” when it comes to lead vocals.

There is no Robert Smithesque singing here. Instead we find the refreshing, light, voice of Connor Schofield. A voice that listeners can truly believe is on cloud nine when he sprightly expresses “I feel so happy today.”

Hand claps dispersed throughout help to bring more of a throwback nod to “Be Slowly,” which fade out ending the song.

Perfect for a road trip mix, step on the gas, roll down the windows and blast this musical gem before the whole world is doing it too.

Discography: Be Slowly (Sept.2014).

Official Website: http://www.jawsjawsjaws.co.uk/

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